Monday, 7 April 2014

Day Forty: Fourth and Final Game

At last, I was able to make it in time to release the fourth game. Although here in London it's already 2 in the morning which means I was 2 hours late of my deadline. I spent a lot of time finishing up the third game and I had at most 6 days left to create the fourth game. With 8 hours a days to spend I had at most 48 hours to create the fourth game and half the time was spent on brooding over what idea and design would fit on the project timeline of at least 40 hours.

The idea I came up with was of a minimalistic simple endless runner with the use of RGB colors. The final design became that of controlling three runner characters on one view while avoiding obstacles with each color a different style of running. Red one a regular jump over obstacles, Green one flipping gravity and the Blue one is upside down.

The goal of the game is to be able to control all three characters and avoiding every obstacle that comes their way. The less hits you get the better you are at controlling them. The gameplay only lasts for 60 seconds and a percentage rate of how good the player avoided all obstacles are shown on an end screen.

Here are the release links for the game:

Game Title: Change Of Perspective
Standalone DL link:
RGB is a minimalistic short runner game that will test your hand-eye coordination skill by controlling 3 different runner characters. It will only take a maximum of 3 minutes of your time. Have a go and see how good your hand-eye coordination is.

- Keys [1][2][3] or [z][x][c] to control each character [r][g][b] respectively
- Left Mouse Button [LMB] can be used to click on each color to control the characters



Monday, 31 March 2014

Day Thirty-Three: Change Of Perspective Release

Game 3 took awhile because I was trying out a new game mechanic and I really liked it. Development time for Change Of Perspective took 13 days in total and I've learned quite a lot of things, on of those is to leave time for level design. After making sure that the gameplay works properly as intended, It took me almost 5 days to create the levels and make sure it solvable and challenging at the same time.

Here's the release links of the game.

Game Title: Change Of Perspective
Standalone DL link:

Change from first person to top down perspective in order to solve and complete the levels. Move around in first person and change the level layout in top down to suit your needs. Instructions are shown in-game but here's a list of instructions for the game:

- WASD keys to move
- LMB to shoot energy
- Space bar to change perspectives
- (while in top down) LMB to rotate and move level layout
- Press P to Pause

- Connect the tiles to reach the next level
- Be careful of sentry guards, they'll shoot you without notice
- Preserve your energy, it depletes when in top down perspective
- Your health depletes by 3 when you run out of energy



Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day Twenty-Two: Game 3 [Design]

I finished Game 2 and I'm starting on Game number 3 now. Here's the design for Game 3.

Game Title: "Change Of Perspective"
Genre: Maze game

The idea of the game is that the player will be controlled through either a first person perspective and a top down perspective. The perspective can be changed anytime with a press of a button and the main perspective of the player will be first person. Refer to the images.

The player will be able to control it both top down and first person but when in the top down perspective a timer will be displayed as to how long the player can stay on that perspective giving them a sense of having to memorize the maze before the timer runs out.

There will be a limit on how many times the player can switch to top-down perspective on each level and a timer is present on how long it took the player to finish the level. Enemies will include patrolling guards and traps which will not be shown on the top down perspective but will be seen on first person.

That's about it for the design, I better start on making a project. I have 8 days left.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day Twenty-One: Game 2 Release

The release for my second game was a day late, to be exact its 3 hours late. I didn't have much time for the second game as I was preparing for a job interview this past week but I still followed my plans for the development of game 2.

Skipping over writing development blogs and here it is, I was able to complete the game and release it a day late.

Game Title: Stay Away From My Tree

Standalone DL link:

Control Kuwalio and defend your eucalyptus tree from parachuting ants that wants to have a piece of your tree, from birds that wants to nest on your tree and crabs that wants to try eating your leaves. An endless tower defense that implements a simple difficulty balancing system. If the wave proves to be difficult then the difficulty will go down as long as you don't get a game over.


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Day Eleven: Game Number 2 [Design]

It's now Day 11, and this is Day 1 for my new game. For the next game I'm upping the challenge a bit to see how far I can complete it. I'm going to try to put more content. Here's a simple design document on what the next game will be.

Title: "Stay Away From My Tree"
Genre: Endless Tower Defense

The Idea:
The game will be a simple tower defense game where the player will be stationed on the left side of the screen while the creeps will be coming from the left side. The creeps will arrive by parachutes and when they fall down the ground they will start to walk towards the tree. Refer to the image. I know I'm not a good artist but it conveys what I have in mind.

The defender will be a koala, pictured below. His name is Kuwalio given to him by the artist where I got the free art from. Credits again to Vicki Wenderlich ( I will do some editing to Kuwalio so that he will be using a rocket launcher to fire at the creeps.

Kuwalio's movement will be limited to only going up and down the tree so that he can shoot down the creeps falling from the sky before they reach the ground. The game will be and endless wave of creeps and it will only be over when the tree is destroyed. It will be an endless defense. How long can the tree be defended.

To add more content, upgrades will be available for Kuwalio and the Tree. Points from shooting down the creeps will be used for upgrades. The upgrades will not be carried out on the next play through so that means if you fail to defend the tree you lose everything. This will be the difficulty of the game. A perma-lose-everything when you fail.

That's about it for the design of the game. I will start now to develop a core mechanics prototype so that I have something to start with.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Day Nine: Web And Standalone Release

skipping through day 7 and 8 development write ups I am able to finish the game and release it to the web and a standalone. All the screens are complete with the credits screen, main menu, game over and hi score screen. I'll be porting the game to android (google play) if I get some time because I need to start on the next game.

Here are the links for the game:

DDL [Standalone]:

The one in Newgrounds is still under judgement by the players who visit the site but it can be played but they won't show it to the latest games section yet. If anyone do play the game let me know what you think and rate the game too on Newgrounds.

Thanks a lot, and onward I go to the next game.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day Six: Crunch Time

Nothing much of an update for Day 6 except the algorithm for the local hi score table which works as fine as it needs to be. It shows top 5 high scores and names just like a classic arcade hi score table. It took me some time to implement it but it works now.

The difficulty levels are almost half way but I need this done quick if I need some time to polish up the game. I have days 7 and 8 left before I prepare the game for release that's why it's time to CRUNCH!... after day 7 I'll feature freeze so that I have day 8 to polish up some things.