Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Challenge

4 Games in 40 Days is a challenge that I set to myself as a game programmer. I Just recently finished my Games Programming degree and while I'm free this is going to be my project.

The challenge is to develop 4 games within a time frame of 40 days. It will start as 10 days for each game. Starting the development from a concept stage upto the release of the games for PC, Web and Android.

The tools that I'm using are:

Unity3D Game Engine

 Adobe Photoshop CS3


Today 27th of Februrary will be the start of the challenge. So I'll start with the concept of the first game.

The game's title will be "A Frogger Experience". Bringing the classic frogger gameplay into life is the idea of the first game. 

Credits to the developer of the original Frogger: Konami.
Credits also to the people who developed the tools I'm using.

Let me end with the a checklist for day one

- game idea
- core prototype development - Player control and movement, Grid space
- asset preparation
- create repository 

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