Sunday, 9 March 2014

Day Eleven: Game Number 2 [Design]

It's now Day 11, and this is Day 1 for my new game. For the next game I'm upping the challenge a bit to see how far I can complete it. I'm going to try to put more content. Here's a simple design document on what the next game will be.

Title: "Stay Away From My Tree"
Genre: Endless Tower Defense

The Idea:
The game will be a simple tower defense game where the player will be stationed on the left side of the screen while the creeps will be coming from the left side. The creeps will arrive by parachutes and when they fall down the ground they will start to walk towards the tree. Refer to the image. I know I'm not a good artist but it conveys what I have in mind.

The defender will be a koala, pictured below. His name is Kuwalio given to him by the artist where I got the free art from. Credits again to Vicki Wenderlich ( I will do some editing to Kuwalio so that he will be using a rocket launcher to fire at the creeps.

Kuwalio's movement will be limited to only going up and down the tree so that he can shoot down the creeps falling from the sky before they reach the ground. The game will be and endless wave of creeps and it will only be over when the tree is destroyed. It will be an endless defense. How long can the tree be defended.

To add more content, upgrades will be available for Kuwalio and the Tree. Points from shooting down the creeps will be used for upgrades. The upgrades will not be carried out on the next play through so that means if you fail to defend the tree you lose everything. This will be the difficulty of the game. A perma-lose-everything when you fail.

That's about it for the design of the game. I will start now to develop a core mechanics prototype so that I have something to start with.

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