Monday, 3 March 2014

Day Five: Game Over

Day 5 is over and I have all the needed screens for the game except the credits page. I want to wait until 7th or 8th day to do the credits page. Not much has been done today, I was busy sending out job applications online. Updating my CV and writing a cover letter was mostly what I did today. 

What I've done for day 5 are the different screens of the game. I now have a main menu screen (although it's not much of a menu) - it has press enter to play and control instructions. I also implemented a game over screen where the player can input in their name using 3 letters. I followed the classic arcade format of allowing only 3 letters to input your name.

After a player inputs a name and presses enter the hi score table will appear showing the top 5 players of the game. I'm still on the process of implement the algorithm for the hi score table and it will be done by next day. It's almost a complete game now but it's still doesn't have the much needed challenging difficulty. I only have a few more days left.

The list that really needs to be checked for the next day are:
- difficulty changing
- hi score table
- sfx and bgm (this is really important)

Here's a video of the update:

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