Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day Four: The Lady Frog

Not much has changed for day 4 but I made sure that I have the list checked for me to know that I'm moving on. Checklist for day 4:
- Frog home activation for difficulty setting
- Increase difficulty up to a level of 5 then repeat
- Game over screen?
- Land snake moving object.
- Extra score objects - lady frog and flies.
No game over screen yet or any other screen than the main game one. It should be by day 5 or 6. Frog  home activation is done for triggering the difficulty increase but the difficulty is yet to come. Difficultly comes with balancing the game so I need to make sure I have all the needed components of the game first so I can focus on balancing. 
I created a LevelManager script to manage the increasing of difficulty or in this case just the triggering of the next level of difficulty, making sure that the needed variables are carried over to the next one. PlayerPrefs comes in really useful but I need to be careful on its usage as if there's something wrong with my PlayerPrefs setting and getting it can get confusing to know whats wrong. for example, setting the var as an int and getting it as a float will be hard to track down.

A land snake in the middle area that activate only on certain levels of difficulty is also implemented. I reorganized my Spawner script so that I have a different spawner for the upper part and lower part of the game. Both spawners have different behaviour on how to spawn moving objects but they have a lot of similarities so I just have them inherit from a base class SpawnerBehaviour then I scripted the individual needs on each script (SpawnerUpper and SpawnerLower).


Extra bonus point have also been implemented. The lady frog that needs to be escorted and the flies that pop-up in the frog home from time to time. The flies give a score of 600 and the lady frog give a score of 1000. The lady frog scores only if you have her until you reach the frog homes, she dies when you die which is the same in the classic. The flies spawns on the open frog homes, if there is already a frog in the home then they won't be able to spawn there anymore.

That's about it for Day 4. The next thing might be the difficulty balancing which will take time or maybe I should start with the different interface screens - main menu, game over, hi-score table. I'll think about what should come first in the morning but for now here's the next checklist:

- difficulty levels and balancing
- different screens and scene transitioning
- research hi score table for arcades

I'll leave a screenshot of the current development:

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