Monday, 31 March 2014

Day Thirty-Three: Change Of Perspective Release

Game 3 took awhile because I was trying out a new game mechanic and I really liked it. Development time for Change Of Perspective took 13 days in total and I've learned quite a lot of things, on of those is to leave time for level design. After making sure that the gameplay works properly as intended, It took me almost 5 days to create the levels and make sure it solvable and challenging at the same time.

Here's the release links of the game.

Game Title: Change Of Perspective
Standalone DL link:

Change from first person to top down perspective in order to solve and complete the levels. Move around in first person and change the level layout in top down to suit your needs. Instructions are shown in-game but here's a list of instructions for the game:

- WASD keys to move
- LMB to shoot energy
- Space bar to change perspectives
- (while in top down) LMB to rotate and move level layout
- Press P to Pause

- Connect the tiles to reach the next level
- Be careful of sentry guards, they'll shoot you without notice
- Preserve your energy, it depletes when in top down perspective
- Your health depletes by 3 when you run out of energy



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