Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day Twenty-One: Game 2 Release

The release for my second game was a day late, to be exact its 3 hours late. I didn't have much time for the second game as I was preparing for a job interview this past week but I still followed my plans for the development of game 2.

Skipping over writing development blogs and here it is, I was able to complete the game and release it a day late.

Game Title: Stay Away From My Tree

Standalone DL link: http://goo.gl/5DQPOf

Control Kuwalio and defend your eucalyptus tree from parachuting ants that wants to have a piece of your tree, from birds that wants to nest on your tree and crabs that wants to try eating your leaves. An endless tower defense that implements a simple difficulty balancing system. If the wave proves to be difficult then the difficulty will go down as long as you don't get a game over.


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