Monday, 7 April 2014

Day Forty: Fourth and Final Game

At last, I was able to make it in time to release the fourth game. Although here in London it's already 2 in the morning which means I was 2 hours late of my deadline. I spent a lot of time finishing up the third game and I had at most 6 days left to create the fourth game. With 8 hours a days to spend I had at most 48 hours to create the fourth game and half the time was spent on brooding over what idea and design would fit on the project timeline of at least 40 hours.

The idea I came up with was of a minimalistic simple endless runner with the use of RGB colors. The final design became that of controlling three runner characters on one view while avoiding obstacles with each color a different style of running. Red one a regular jump over obstacles, Green one flipping gravity and the Blue one is upside down.

The goal of the game is to be able to control all three characters and avoiding every obstacle that comes their way. The less hits you get the better you are at controlling them. The gameplay only lasts for 60 seconds and a percentage rate of how good the player avoided all obstacles are shown on an end screen.

Here are the release links for the game:

Game Title: Change Of Perspective
Standalone DL link:
RGB is a minimalistic short runner game that will test your hand-eye coordination skill by controlling 3 different runner characters. It will only take a maximum of 3 minutes of your time. Have a go and see how good your hand-eye coordination is.

- Keys [1][2][3] or [z][x][c] to control each character [r][g][b] respectively
- Left Mouse Button [LMB] can be used to click on each color to control the characters



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